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Protolaunch Unveil Latest Hardware

Protolaunch have unveiled more information surrounding our HILBERT technology demonstrator engine.

The HILBERT engine is designed to act as a testbed to experimentally test and validate key performance metrics that underpin the thermodynamic cycle under development by Protolaunch.

With a nominal operating point designed to produce 10kN thrust this is a major hardware milestone that further adds to Protolaunch propulsion capability.

The design team have combined additive and conventional manufacturing techniques to produce a modular design that is scalable, with integrated instrumentation to facilitate in-depth data capture and analysis.

The engine is currently undergoing a rigorous cold-flow test campaign which will ramp up to a hot-fire test at the end of 2020. The data captured through these experiments will go towards validating the ProtoSim suite of simulation tools in addition to supporting the thermodynamic design of the engine cycle.

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