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Major SPRINT Collaboration with Southampton University

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Protolaunch have secured major grant funding to collaborate with Southampton University through the SPace Research & Innovation Network for Technology (SPRINT).

Protolaunch have partnered with the University of Southampton to develop a technology demonstrator for the core Protolaunch technology with a 9 month duration project. Through the SPRINT programme, Protolaunch has been given access to world-leading facilities and expertise at the University of Southampton. This collaborative effort will see Protolaunch work with experts in propulsion research from the Astronautics group to design, manufacture and static fire a prototype of the Protolaunch engine concept. This SPRINT project will aim to experimentally validate the Protolaunch engine cycle and characterise the performance of a hardware prototype developed in conjunction with the University. The SPRINT programme allows Protolaunch unprecedented access to University resources such as Southampton’s state-of-the-art propulsion test facility and its on-site manufacturing capabilities. The nature of these facilities will allow our experimental technology validation to occur rapidly, and accelerate the research and development roadmap.

Protolaunch is an ambitious company that is ideally placed to see huge benefits from the expertise and capabilities of our SPRINT partner, the University of Southampton. Reducing development times and costs through SPRINT expertise and funding will enable rapid commercialisation moving forward.

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