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Hot-Fire Test Campaign Major Milestone Achieved

Throughout December 2020 Protolaunch successfully completed a series of hot-fire tests of the HILBERT rocket engine, further advancing the technology readiness of developed chemical propulsion systems.

The 10kN HILBERT engine is designed to be fully reuseable and this capability was successfully demonstrated over an extended test campaign with consecutive firings. All tests were successful with results matching Protolaunch expected test criteria.

Successful completion of these tests is a major milestone in the technical development of Protolaunch propulsion systems and moves the company one step closer to powering next-generation launch vehicles.

A huge number of sensors and instruments are built directly into the HILBERT engine with this data being used to help validate the thermodynamic cycle under development by Protolaunch. Additionally, this data feeds directly into the ProtoSim simulation and optimisation software tools that have been developed in-house with support from the European Space Agency.

Protolaunch are propulsion specialists, developing a family of chemical propulsion sub-systems ready to power future launch vehicles. The next steps for Protolaunch are to expand our strategic partnerships with launch providers as we develop our larger 24kN engine variant ready to deploy into small launcher applications.

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