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Novel Rocket Propulsion Solutions



At Protolaunch we are working to develop our novel rocket engine technology to enable a future of dedicated launch for small payloads.



Protolaunch is developing a novel bipropellant rocket engine to enable low-cost access to space for payloads under 50kg.

For several decades, satellites have been getting smaller while rockets have not. Existing launch vehicles are designed for large payloads forcing this new generation of SmallSats to rideshare on enormous rockets. This is an expensive system of compromise where the secondary payload regularly loses out. 

Companies racing to fill the demand for dedicated SmallSat launch are seeking to scale down existing large engine designs and are accepting the added cost and manufacturing complexity this involves. 

Protolaunch is taking a different approach.

Protolaunch has taken a bottom-up design philosophy to engine development, designing specifically for small payloads from the outset. Based on work conducted at the University of Cambridge, Protolaunch has developed a novel thermodynamic cycle that eliminates the need for any turbomachinery or high pressure helium, enables the use of cleaner biofuels and simplifies propellant handling and storage.

Our engine presents a number of strategic advantages over turbomachinery or high-pressure blow-down alternatives. We believe our technology is the key enabler for a dedicated microlauncher and facilitates a future of dedicated launches for small payloads.  

Engineering Plans


Additive manufacturing techniques enable mass savings and geometries not possible through conventional methods and position the engine for scalable development.

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With few moving parts and vastly lower operating pressures, the simplicity of the Protolaunch engine allows for a focus on simplicity at its core.

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The Protolaunch engine enables the use of renewable biofuels and eliminates the need for highly refined kerosene or high-pressure helium.



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